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Mind Matrixx Benefits

Health Benefits of DMAE found in Mind Matrixx

For one study, 80 people (all of whom were known to have “borderline emotional disturbance”) took either a placebo or a supplement containing vitamins, minerals, and DMAE every day for three months. Six weeks into the study, all participants were shown film excerpts with a range of emotional content. After another six weeks, participants were shown the film excerpts again.

Looking at data on the study participants, researchers found that those who took the vitamin/mineral/DMAE supplements had a greater increase in wellbeing than those who took the placebo. Members of the treatment group also appeared to experience improvements in mood and attention. Given these findings, the study’s authors suggest that use of DMAE supplements may be of some benefit to people experience emotional disturbance.

Mind Matrx - Kinetix SupplementsUses for DMAE

Since acetylcholine plays a key role in many brain functions (including memory), it’s suggested that taking DMAE (Found in Mind Matrixx) in supplement form may boost brain health by increasing acetylcholine levels.

Some proponents claim that use of DMAE supplements may help prevent and/or treat Alzheimer’s disease although more research is needed to claim this fact. In addition, DMAE is purported to boost athletic performance, elevate mood, and treat depression.


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